Start your own SMS business with LeoSend.

Our reseller program empowers you to start selling bulk SMS immediately

With SMS being used in all sort of industries and the fast growing trends of A2P (Application 2 Person) messaging, there is no doubt that starting your own SMS business can be very profitable. However, as attractive as it may sound, establishing an effective SMS business, building the necessary infrastructure and integrating it deeply into the telecom ecosystem is extremely time-consuming and very costly. In addition, competition in the telecom industry is fierce and leaves little room for errors.

Getting into the business of selling bulk SMS is fast, easy, and can be done with no initial investment.

We take the infrastructure, the integration into the networks and the entire technical burden away from you. You can become a reseller of LeoSend for free, and start to immediately benefit from our reliable SMS delivery to mobile subscribers in over 1350 mobile operators in 200 countries, as well as from the lowest SMS rates on the market and an experienced team to support you along the way.

We give you all the tools to manage your SMS business independently, and you set your own pricing to your clients making you financially independent from us.

You will have a web interface to manage your SMS and clients. No technical knowledge is required, as sending SMS worldwide from your platform is as easy as sending an email. We also provide APIs for resellers, who want to integrate the sending of SMS into an existing process, into software or an existing platform.

Our reseller program will empower your new SMS venture and allow you to grow your business by entering the exciting world of selling bulk SMS services.

From the get go, we will set you up on our web platform with your personal username and password and you’ll have all the basics you need to immediately start selling SMS to almost any imaginable market spheres.

Our web platform is very intuitive, and requires very little training. Furthermore, there is no minimum commitment for you to reach. Just get started and grow your business at your own pace.


White Label Branding

We also provide reseller SMS gateway with white label branding, means we will handle platform and technical aspects and you will only focus on marketing and brand building of ‘your product’.


SMS Gateway Solution

We provide consultancy services to start a complete SMS gateway with Least Cost Routing (LCR) option. It can be used for highest TPS SMS delivery with tree based multiple re-seller and users. It incorporates comprehensive billing with enhanced AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting).