1. Worldwide Coverage – 1350+ operators, 190+ countries
  2. Reliable Delivery – SMS delivered within seconds
  3. Lowest Pricing – Lowest price guaranteed
  4. Easy & FREE Setup – Plug & Play integration, web console, APIs
  5. Bulk SMS and more – HLR Lookup, delivery reports, credit check

More organizations rightfully rely on SMS as part of their processes, or for marketing initiatives, or any other reasons to reach their customers easily and efficiently. But it becomes critical for these organizations to partner with expert companies like LeoSend to ensure that their SMS capabilities are fully available, fully global, and most importantly, that all integration to mobile network operators, hardware infrastructure, and other technicalities are fully handled by that partner, so that there focus remains solely on their marketing initiatives.

with LeoSend you can reach millions of customers spread across the globe at a very minimal cost. When compared with conventional marketing methods such as email, flyers, brochures or calls, SMS is not only a more efficient way to reach your target audience and save on costs and resources, but it is also more innovative, entertaining, and most importantly measurable.

You can-

  • Increase traffic to your web presence
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Ensure high Return-on-Investment
  • Increase sales and conversion rates
  • Connect with customer with a personal touch
  • Promote special offers, products, and services
  • Increase revenues



Use cases for SMS are endless and only limited by your creativity: Notifications, Alerts, Reminders, Logistics, updates, reservations, bookings, CRM, Competitions, email2SMS and the list goes on and on and on. Not even the sky is the limit anymore, as even Airlines are now actively using SMS very effectively to notify their customers about flights bookings, delays, updates, reminders and so on.

SMS notifications

Banking transactions, customer notifications, services updates, payment notification, appointment changes, special offers, account information, product delivery, logistics, time or location updates, and more.

Reservation and bookings

Confirm or remind of hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, flights, events, interviews, meetings, appointments, travel itinerary and more.

SMS reminders

Flights reminders, appointments, customer updates, reservations, travel itinerary reminder, booking, meetings, reunions, classes, examinations, outstanding bills and more.

SMS alerts

Local communities’ alerts, service disruptions, natural disasters, accidents or safety issues, weather warning and more.

International SMS

Send SMS worldwide to 190 countries (over 1350 mobile network operators and MVNOs) at wholesale prices. ex: keep customers updated wherever they are, cross-office communications, global relationship management and more.


Promote a competition via SMS with our two-way messaging service. Engage your customers with your competition, manage entries and replies, send information, offer prizes to win and more.



Simply access your online LeoSend account with your username and password and you are ready to send SMS.

It is the fastest and most intuitive way to manage your SMS needs as you can send a large number of requests and create SMS campaigns of hundreds of thousands of SMS at the time by importing a list of numbers from Excel or CSV files.

You can send HLR Lookup requests and receive detailed information reports on each mobile number checked.

It allows you to manage contacts, organize and group them into different categories

You access clear reports to manage your account and your SMS campaigns efficiently.

Simply get a free LeoSend account, buy the number of credits you need and then start sending SMS in just a few clicks.